Painting the typoghraphy

Poetry on the wall | Remco Campert

‘Verzet begint niet met grote woorden’. A poem of famous writer Remco Campert. His poem is designed and painted on the wall of a school, because of 100 years existence.

Thesis box inside

Thesis | Box

Design of a linen protectionbox for a thesis. The Thesis speaks about rights in Ecuador, I used the colours of that country.

Special gift Jan Wolkers

Stupers Consultancy | Jan Wolkers poem

The poem ‘Manhattan’ of the dutch writer Jan Wolkers is a special gift, made for a communication company. It occurs around 9/11, after de impressive disaster in New York in september 2001.

Hapiness exsist

Happiness exists

In this design velvet box lies a hidden paper poem with a ribbon to pick the printed poem out of the box.

special book for CEO

Port of Amsterdam | Gift

A CEO’s farewell (port of Amsterdam). The content of this box hold personal letters and pictures of his collegues.