Workshops & lectures

Discussions partner at the Paper Salon. I participated in the discussions at the Paper Salon in the Machineroom, Strijp, Eindhoven, invited by the Italian paper factory Fedrigoni (organised by Ruigwerk). During an excellent dinner with all kinds of guests, we talked about our fascination with paper.

Lecture for the association Papiergeschiedenis Nederland in the coach-house of museum Meermanno | museum for the book (The Hague) with the title: Choosing for paper. It was about why graphic designers make certain paper choices for their assignments, and also touched on concepts, durability and other facets of paper.

One-day workshops with graphic design students to learn about and feel the differences in paper. We talked about its colour, size, weight, translucency, use and various applications. It was an assignment of the ‘Grafische Cultuurstichting’ for the art academies Artez Arnhem, Kabk Den Haag and St Joost Breda.

Seminar teaching at the St Joost in Breda about the historical, cultural, scientific background and use of paper. For several weeks the students had to collect all kinds of paper in their environment. Later in that semester they designed their own paper collection based on the applications for graphic designers.