Flax is a crop which is traditionally grown in the Netherlands. The linen of the Low Lands was very desired, because it was part of the best quality in the world. For a long time, having a well filled linen closet meant having a big fortune.
With The Linen Project, we aim to develop new economic, social and cultural ecosystems to demonstrate the vital importance of biodiversity. Flax is a so-called alternating crop: it can be grown once every seven years on the same piece of land.

We’re changing the dialogue when it comes to agriculture, history, heritage, (landscape) architecture, fashion, food, craft, design, contemporary art, economics and innovative business operations. Because the world is changing. And we are digitally connected more than ever. But how and where are our roots? How can we reconnect with deep human values and age-old knowledge and skills? The Linen Project seeks and activates the economic viability of the growing and processing of flax and the small scaled linen production in the Netherlands.