De Hoorneboeg in Hilversum is a silence area and rural estate, situated in a forest. This broad-leaved forest is in turn encapsulated by a nature reserve with heather land. I was invited during the flowering season of the heather to research the possibilities of making paper from the local plants. During the 4 days I was allowed to reside in the cottage ‘Stille Midden’ I took many walks and traversed the area to every corner. I discovered other species such as barnyard wormwood and large spring weed.

But also ferns stood beautifully in the light which shone through the high crests of the deciduous forest. Moved by the beautiful scenery and the tranquil nature, I got new ideas for works of art. I made the pulp on the spot and later processed it in my studio, together with the leached plants, into works of art. These will be hung in one of the beautiful buildings at De Hoorneboeg.