For more than 20 years, Loes Schepens has been researching and making paper from plant fibers. She works in her studio in The Hague and her work is shown all over the world. A selection of her artworks can also be seen in the display windows/gallery situated in front of her studio. On irregular base Loes gives workshops, individual and for groups. There are also opportunities for collaboration with students or professional artists who would like to work with paper for a particular project.

Paper Parcels from the Past | Vertical Landscapes

Emma Sebregts shows the installation “Paper Parcels from the Past” in the window of Paper Art & Design. Emma creates prints of interior architecture in papier-mâché. The prints are all from living spaces from Emma’s own past in which she moved around a lot.

22 September > 2 December

Hoogtij | Gallery Sophie

Hoogtij (opening 7 p.m. on Sept. 29): Gallery Sophie shows Fibrous Nature in Textured Landscapes – Mai Marie Choon Dijksma, Jorick de Quaasteniet, Isabelle Backer and Loes Schepens with a paper installation, wall objects, plant-based work and photographic work.

29 September > 29 October

Exhibition Museum de Kantfabriek

Marieke van Mieghem and Loes Schepens (The linen project) show their 3-dimensional works of art made from their home-grown organic flax.

9 > 24 September 2023