Dasha Tsapenko
MYC_Craft is an ongoing investigation by artist and bio-designer Dasha Tsapenko into co-creation with fungi. The exhibition features garments, textiles and objects made in collaboration with mycelium – a root-like structure of fungi. Fungi play a crucial role in our ecosystem, particularly in breaking down plant and animal waste, enriching the soil with nutrients.
Tsapenko used similar principles to use plant fibres and discarded objects as food for the tiny fungal spores. Stories of sustainable living, rituals, customs and decomposition are part of her creative process. The artist’s work lies at the intersection of microbiology, textiles and agriculture, working closely with scientists, local farmers, fashion designers and artisans.

Loes Schepens
Just as Dasha Tsapenko works with spores of mycelium, Loes Schepens works with fibres from plants. With this work, she wants to convey the natural elements, how important nature is in our lives and hopefully will be in the future. The works of both artists has kinship in the approach to the material and growth and transience is an important common theme.