A curated exhibition of paper installation, wall objects, plant work and photographic work. An ode to what you find and can rediscover in the materials of your immediate environment.

Mai Marie Choon Dijksma: In my work, I experiment with different materials to create new textures. It is very tactile and I made it myself by hand which I value highly. In the installations, which are often created on location, I look for the interaction between myself, the environment and the material. The process of creating and setting up is more important to me than the result.

Jorick de Quaasteniet, ‘Grabbing the nettle by the stem’: Where there is culture, there are surpluses. As a cultivated plant, the nettle knows how to deal with this. Surpluses in the environment of nitrogen and ammonia it converts into food, dye and strong fiber. And while doing so, it provides shelter to a huge diversity of living things. In other words; the stinging nettle has much to tell us. We can see her as a solution, not a problem.

Isabelle Backer: With her camera, Isabelle collects the material for her works. She often finds this material in her immediate surroundings. In doing so, she gets close to the skin of her subject. She is always looking for a story, a kind of serene tension. Fascinated by the natural patterns and structures, operation of light, shadow and color, the images are created that, viewed from a distance, seem hushed and abstract, but on closer inspection turn out to be very everyday sometimes even banal subjects, with almost tangible textures. It causes a visual alienation.

Loes Schepens: The paper wall objects (made from local or home-grown plants) that Loes creates convey sensory experiences. They are not immediately recognizable forms; they are sometimes amorphous, often abstract, seemingly simple. The works can be traced back to the landscape, trees, plants and their structures.

Gallery Sophie
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