In the series of artworks collectively called “Paper Parcels from the Past,” Emma Sebregts made casts of interior architecture in papier-mâché. The casts are all from living spaces from Emma’s own past, she moved often during her childhood. The paper objects fold partially, transforming the depicted architecture and belongings into light, airy, transportable paper packages. For example, in the window, there is a classic living room chair whose seat and legs have been folded over to make it as compact as possible, and there is also a rolled-up window frame. These objects realize the desire the artist felt to pack up the surrounding she had to leave behind and take them with her. Therefore, in addition to folding the furniture, Emma also folds the walls and ceiling. The work questions the extent to which “home” is tied to a physical place. The artist shares her personal answer to this question in the work in which the forms of architecture and objects fade to show the mutability and transience of the homes in her past.

In addition to Emma’s work, new work Vertical Landscapes and new small works with her own grown flax (from The Linen Project) by Loes Schepens will also be on display.