When I first walked into the imposing building of the Drukkerijmuseum, the smell of ink immediately met me and I was already sold. A moment later I saw all the printing presses and typesetting machines they have collected here and also kept alive by many volunteers from the printing profession. My graphic design heart started beating faster. I didn’t have to think long whether I wanted to exhibit my paper objects here, there was simply no other way.
I am showing work from the last 10 years, a selection of different stages of my own discovery with the homemade paper into works of art. Lately I have been applying more and more natural pigments to the pulp of my home-grown flax. In addition to the artworks, I also show the original plant fibers and paper samples, and 2 videos will be shown. One about growing flax with “the Linen Stewards” and one of making our own flax paper at the Middelste Molen in Loenen.

Opening October 5 at 3 p.m. in Drukkerijmuseum Meppel, be welcome!

Kleine Oever 11, Meppel