Since 2020, Loes has been associated with “The Linen project” and since then she has even more respect and connection with plants. When she grows a plant from seed to maturity, and elaborates that plant into a piece of paper, there is a deep connection and awareness with the material. Flax is a crop traditionally grown in the Netherlands. The linen of the Low Countries was highly sought after because it was of the best quality in the world. For a long time, having a well-stocked linen closet meant owning a large fortune. The linen project aims to develop new economic, social and cultural ecosystems to demonstrate the vital importance of biodiversity.

Engaging with flax and linen can change the dialogue when it comes to agriculture, history, heritage, (landscape) architecture, fashion, food, craft, design, contemporary art, economics and innovation. Because the world is changing. But how and where do our roots lie? How can we reconnect with ancient knowledge and skills? The Linen Project seeks and activates the economic viability of growing and processing flax and small-scale linen production in the Netherlands. For Loes, it is an exploration to create unique works of art with the home-grown flax.