Is it possible to make paper from leftover herbs? After long research, Studio Nienke Hoogvliet discovered that herbs used as textile dyes can have a positive effect on our health. But the dyeing process produces waste – the residue of the herbs. To make the whole process circular, a collaboration was created between designer Cecile Bleijenberg (FANT), artist Loes Schepens and designer Nienke Hoogvliet.

Together they explored how the herbs from their own garden, rosemary and sage, could be used to dye scarves, make paper and color paper. They created a broad palette of colors from yellow and green to pink for textiles, new textures in paper and unusual ways to incorporate as much residue from the processes as possible into new objects. Cecile and Loes also created collages together from leftover textiles and their handmade herbal paper.