17 Testing Ground

10 06 > 31 07 2022
Marieke van Mieghem, Loes Schepens


Before creating a unique work of art, you go through several stages as an artist. It usually starts with an idea. From this idea you make sketches or models. You can also work from a material with which you want to make something, or with which you as an artist have expertise.

Marieke van Mieghem and Loes Schepens work with natural materials and conduct endless experiments with them before creating the unique piece. This research leads to insight and further choices. For the last 2 years they have been working with flax and vegetable dyeing it with madder, indigo, chestnut, alder and walnut.

Further research consists of actions such as scooping, cutting, bending, crinkling, rolling, spinning, weaving, gluing and cutting. When the material is finally ‘ready’, it can be used for the final artwork.

In Testing Ground they want to show what goes before in this making process, because it is labor intensive and that is not always directly visible in the work, but it does tell a story. Enjoy the garden!